Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Red gets better every day.

                                                                                        05/09/2018      Been in Germany with work for the last five months, boring stuff, I mean real boring. Will be back soon and back to Red.  Can't wait.  

I'm so busy at work right now, but will do more with Red as soon as I can.  I found this.
If you have a folder of Red scripts, here's a way to run them one by one from a simple list - brilliant stuff,  love it.

Congratulations to Nenad and the Red team on the new 0.63 build, lots of new features to work with.
The date! datatype is an awesome addition.  There's plenty other things to check out. 

Look here for all the new stuff:  http://www.red-lang.org/


Red [needs: 'view]                                       
dat:  form now/date 
day: append form "Day:  " now/day   
mnth: append form "Month:  "now/month  
yr: append form "Year:  "  now/year
view [ title "Date"
       h1 red dat return
       h5 day return
       h5 mnth return
       h1 yr

Been busy with work, so not had chance to post anything for a while.
Lots more to come from me soon !

Try this link for now. 

And this. 

I also love this.


Try this excellent work.


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